Expedition Fishing


Old No. 7 Fishing is a dream born from generations of fishing and chartering on Florida waters. Owner Austin Musselman’s Grandfather, W. L Lyons Brown started fishing the waters of Delray Beach, Florida in the early 1930’s. His boats named the “Sally Shall” were chartered off the Boynton inlet by Captain Bob “Raven” Ridgeway. Austin’s Mother Ina went to school in Palm Beach and fished whenever she could on the boats and developed a passion for the blue water as well. There were multiple Sally Shall’s over the years from 1936-1973 and the program fished not only off Florida but also the waters of the Bahamas.

Old No. 7 Fishing is a dream born from generations of fishing and chartering on Florida waters.

Capt. Jamie Ralph and Austin Musselman met in 2005 when Austin purchased a 28’ Southport center console and enrolled in the South Florida Fishing School where Jamie was an instructor. Over the years Jamie and Austin fished together in Florida and the Bahamas catching many fish including a 650lb. blue marlin off Eleuthera Island. In 2010 Austin purchased a 36’ Invincible and their trips went further into the out islands of the Bahamas and all over South Florida and the Keys.

IMG_1312-SMIn early 2015, Austin spoke with Jamie about the desire to buy a larger boat and intensifying their fishing into a more organized program to offer limited charters, tournament fishing and explore new water throughout the Caribbean and beyond. They looked at several options of boats to fit their vision and decided to buy a 2009 Cabo convertible that Jamie had fished off that was for sale on the west coast of Florida. The boat was in wonderful shape and rigged with all the features they were looking for to kickoff the new program.

In 2015 and early 2016, Austin and Jamie fished many tournaments in Florida, the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos with solid placement. They started doing exclusive charter packages for the discerning fisherman looking for a quality experience with a first class crew and boat. Many plans are in the works to continually improve their operations and new fish waters with aggressive tactics to continue to produce the fantastic results the program has been accustomed to.