Expedition Fishing

Target Species

Our crew here at Old No. 7 enjoy catching fish that are big, small and everything in between. Certain fish are more plentiful at times according to many factors and we are constantly on top of what is happening on the waters through our own fishing and networking with many other boats out there. We are constantly checking in with other captains, monitoring social media and keeping an eye to the weather conditions to assess and predict where the hot bite will be and what tactics to use.

We have our own children so we know how to entertain kids of all ages to get them into fish. Sometimes it is anchoring over a patch reef catching a variety or colorful reef fish, sometimes we will even fish the inter coastal waters to get the young anglers bending a rod. You will find the Old No.7 crew is more than willing to match you and your guests to what the target should be and the desired outcome is.

Thankfully, our backyard in South Florida is one of the closest places that the Gulfstream strikes the Eastern US coast. This means a short run to be in prime waters where you literally can see the beach and have the ability to catch most of the major pelagic offshore fish: sailfish, mahi mahi, wahoo, tuna, kingfish, cobia. Again, Captain Jamie will communicate with you as to what is hot right then and also hear your desires of what kind of experience you are looking for to plan your day on the water.