Expedition Fishing

Fishing Techniques

Old No. 7 is completely rigged and stocked with all the latest in equipment and tackle to catch fish effectively using the most modern techniques out there. The crew is constantly networking and researching to try new things and stay on top of what is working, what is not and how to use these methods to get the most and biggest fish to the boat possible in a variety of ways.

Old No. 7 is completely rigged and stocked with all the latest in equipment and tackle

Deep DroppingPrimarily the main techniques we use are: trolling (both live/dead baits, lures, teasers), live bait drifting with kites or with out and bottom fishing whether in shallow or in deep waters. Sometimes we with combine methods like bottom fishing while deploying a kite to get a variety of both bottom fish as well as pelagic fish that travel on the surface.

IMG_0079Generally kite fishing is done off Florida usually in the fall, winter and spring when conditions are right and that is extremely effective in not only catching sailfish, but also fish like mahi mahi, wahoo, kingfish and tuna. In the Bahamas trolling techniques are more common and often the spread can include a variety of baits and lures to target a mixed bag if that is what is desired.

You’ll be surprised at how flexible and versatile the boat and crew are. You can be pulling for Marlin one minute and casting a school of feeding tuna the next.

IMG_7783Bottom fishing for snapper, grouper, cobia, swordfish and jacks is also something we frequently do and the Old No. 7 crew is well trained to provide the best options to put you on these fish as well. The boat is equipped with a tuna tower to sight fish for cobia and sometimes even sailfish and there is nothing more exciting that seeing your fish before getting a bait to it.

Captain Jamie and Dane will recommend and tell you what is going on and the best methods to use to get you on the fish and listen to your desires as to what you want to do. Sometimes catching small reef fish for young kids is equally fun to reeling down on a 500lb blue marlin and the crew is there to coach you to getting your trophy, fish for the table both safely and effectively.